Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happiness Is...

Not hearing a peep from Jack until I had to wake him at 8:07 a.m!

Having Jack say "No matter what the swim teacher says, I will NOT go off the diving board until I'm twenty-hundred years old!" Then during the swim class, hearing the teacher ask if anyone was brave enough to jump off the diving board, and hearing Jack answer "Well, you're gonna have a problem with me!" And THEN having him try it and LOVE it and then beg to dive again and again.

It's getting 2 solid hours to myself afterwards, meeting up with the guys at home, and watching Jack literally inhale a HUGE salad and cottage cheese because he was starving.

Jack: MMMMmmmmmmm! (belly rubbing motions) More cheese! More grapes! More dressing! (he loves lots of "stuff" in his salad). Oh that was gooooooo--OOOODDDDD!

It's the little things that start the day off right! :)

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