Friday, July 16, 2010

Jack and Fireworks

Or, well, those two words are rarely used in the same sentence. Mainly because Jack still does not have any desire to see fireworks. He thinks he is ready, and we have another opportunity coming up in August to see some fireworks, but I really don't think he can handle it.

For one, he hates it when it's really dark out. Two, he hates loud noises, and Three, he's generally unmanageable when he's tired, which occurs between 7:15 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. each night. Sooo, knowing that fireworks start at least after 9 p.m., we've never even attempted to have him see any.

We had a few sparklers in the house on the 4th, so we decided to do a baby steps test drive and see how Jack reacted. The expression on his face surely says it all. ("Don't think I'm taking my eye off of you for one second!")

me: Hey Jack, do you want to light some sparklers?
Jack: Yeahhhhh!
me: Do you know what a sparkler is?
Jack: No, not really.
me: Here, help me open the box... (I tip a few into my hand)
Jack: (a bit worried) What's on this stick?
me: Sort of like gunpowder? (I looked it up and it's a "pyrotechnic mix", whatever that is.)
Jack: What happens??!
me: (Sigh.) It sparkles. Here. (I light one and try to hand it to Jack)
Jack: Oh, oh, I don't want to...okay gimme.
me: See? Not so bad. Want to do another one?
Jack: Okay.
me: Here you hold it and I'll light it.
Jack: NO!! (backs away)
me: It's fine, it doesn't hurt.
Jack: I felt burning on my arm.
me: Did it hurt?
Jack: Not really.
me: Then you can hold this.
Jack: Oh no I can't!

He refused to hold one and let it be lit. I did them all for him and eventually he said he'd had enough. He is NOT one to play around with anything having anything to do with fire. This is a good thing.

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