Sunday, July 11, 2010

How Jack chose us for parents

Or, so he says. I mean, I wasn't there. This apparently happened about 5 1/2 years ago up in heaven, according to Jack. I may have mentioned this conversation in a previous post, because we've talked about it before, but today Jack brought it up again and added a funny twist. So I thought I would share. Again, possibly.

Jack: What are all those cars doing with their lights on?
me: That's a funeral. They're going to the cemetery.
Jack: Why?
me: Because someone died and today is the day that they...bury them? (uh oh)
Jack: Whaddya mean, bury? In the ground?
me: Yeah, remember we talked about it before? The headstones in a cemetery are there to show that someone is buried below ground. That way people can visit them, and know where they are.
Jack: But what happens to your body? Are you there forever?
me: Well, you most likely get put in a coffin and then they dig a big hole and put you in and cover you up again. And yes, you're pretty much there forever.
Jack: Yeah I know. It's okay though because your soul goes to heaven.
me: That's right.
Jack: I remember being in heaven.
me: You do? Was anyone there with you?
Jack: God.
me: Really? And what were you guys doing?
Jack: Looking down, trying to decide who I should go to.
me: Did you pick me and Daddy to be your parents?

We had talked about this before and Jack had said that he chose us specifically. I kind of like that idea.

Jack: Yeah. I liked you.
me: That's really nice Jack. I'm glad you picked us. Did we look good to you?
Jack: Yes. But that was before I knew that Daddy would yell a lot.
me: (stifling laughter) Would that have changed your choice?
Jack: I don't know. But maybe.

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