Friday, July 30, 2010

Morning Walks are for the birds

Jack is obsessed with my workouts. He hates when I leave in the morning, even though he's asleep, and hates even talking about it the night before. So, after I realized that maybe he's feeling a little left out, I decided to have "family walk" days. These could be the opposite days of my bootcamp, which takes place M, W, F. Jack and I set out yesterday morning, trying to beat the pending rainstorm. Daddy was busy getting ready for work.

me: Which way do you want to go? (said at the bottom of our driveway)
Jack: Ummmm, right! We never go this way. Let's go all the way to Gavin's house!
me: Too far, and he's not back from Florida yet...soooo...
Jack: Let's run! We'll do a bootcamp!
me: Oh no, today is a NO run day. I do not even want to walk fast.
Jack: Then I'll run to the next mailbox. (He takes off)

It's then that I notice how tall and lanky he's gotten. He must have grown about 3 inches in the last 3 months. His face is losing that baby fullness, awww, and his eyes look older and more serious. I see a real boy in there! I notice he's crouched by the sewer in that squat-sit that all kids can master, the position that I can hardly get out of once I'm down in it!

Jack: I need a rock!
me: Here.
Jack: Ker-PLOP! (He chucks it in the sewer and waits for the wet plop when it hits water)
me: Oh, and here's a worm
Jack: I'll take it! I'll take it! (He gently picks it up and puts it in the soft dirt)
me: That's really nice of you Jack.
Jack: (jumps up and stomps on something) Ugh!
me: Whaaattt!
Jack: Red ant
me: I don't think we have red ants over here.
Jack: Well it was some kind of ant, and now it's dead.
me: Oh Jack look at that. (I point to the sky where a little flock of yellow birds are twittering by)
Jack: What is it?
me: See the little yellow birds? They live on this hill right here. I think there are certain flowers that they like, because I always see them when I run. Let's look them up in my bird book.
Jack: They're Goldfinches.
me: What? That is a very good guess! How do you know that?
Jack: Do they have little black stripes on their heads?
me: Uh, yeah I think so.
Jack: Goldfinch. I remember it from my Highlights magazine.

I've been studying birds for many years and I wasn't even completely sure what type of bird that was. Really? A 5-year-old knows? Turns out, he was right.

We finished our walk holding hands. A few more rocks made it into the sewer system, a few more worms will live to see another day, and we made it up the steep, steep driveway just as it began raining. All in all, the family walk was a big success. Next time, hopefully Daddy can join us.

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