Thursday, July 1, 2010

Life on another planet

Jack: Mom, today on our field trip we went to a planetarium and saw a movie about a little star. Nine planets helped it and it grew up to be ... the sunnnnnn!
me: Aw, that sounds great.
Jack: Are there only 9 planets in the whole world?
me: There are 9 in our solar system...(sorry I'm still keeping Pluto), but there are other solar systems out there somewhere.
Jack: (amazed look on his face) You mean with other Earths???
me: Well, not the same as Earth, but very similar...
Jack: With people? (man is he smart for 5)
me: People, or something like us.
Jack: Whoooaaaahhhhh... (faraway look in his eyes)
me: Yep, pretty awesome.
Jack: I bet the astronauts know all about it and they're not telling us... I just know it...

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