Sunday, July 25, 2010

Typical Morning with Jack version 5.5

I must make that announcement again. Jack is 5 1/2 today. He's very excited. I told him that 5 and a half year olds have excellent manners and always do what their Mom's say. Jack said: Hm.

(6:20) Awake!
Jack: Mommmeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh! (repeat as necessary until I stagger up the stairs and into his room) I had a good night-night.
me: Awww, that's good.
Jack: Now can I go on your computer to
me: Really?
Jack: Yeah.
me: Sigh, okay, for a bit.

(6:45) Hungry!
Jack: Can you make me breakfast while I finish this video? (Curious George still provides entertainment value on this particular site)
me: Okay...we're having Cheerios and blueberries, fyi.
Jack: (vaguely) okay...

(6:55) Not That!
Jack: I didn't want thaaattttt!
me: I asked, you said okay, I made it, you're having it.
Jack: (mopey) Sigh, I wanted oatmeal.
me: Then next time please ask for oatmeal.
(He promptly ate the entire bowl and declared that it was delicious. Is contrary just written into the DNA at this age??)

(7:20) Wake Daddy!
Jack: Can we do a family walk? Let's wake up Daddy.
me: You go ahead with that.
Jack: Uh, how about we play for a few minutes then go on the walk.
me: Okay. I'll be right back...(run to the bathroom)

(7:30) Dennis awake?
Dennis: You didn't hear him screaming?
me: I was in the bathroom...
Jack: (in the other bathroom) Mommmeeeeeeee... my tummy hurts.
me: Okay, maybe it was that meatball sub from last night. No more meatballs!

(7:45) Family Walk!
Jack: It's so very hot out. I don't want to go too far.
me: Should we turn around now?
Jack: No, let's go all the way down so I can walk on the wall and see the bees. (that's about a mile away)
me: Okaaayyyy.
Dennis: He shouldn't be outside in this heat. He won't be able to breathe later.
me: Probably not. (when we got home, Jack needed his inhaler) Sigh.

(9:00) Crafts!
Jack: (pulled 50 things out of the "craft" cabinet, all over the floor) I want to make something!
me: Okay, but let's put some of this away so we don't trip
Jack: (runs to the counter with some supplies) Oh I can't. I'm already making something!
me: Nice. (so we made some fun pictures with popsicle sticks, beads, stickers and glue)

(10:00) Moon Sand!
Jack: I got out the moon sand while you were cleaning up the beads and stuff. Look!
me: (yikes) Okay let's get the mat under there. (we set up in the hallway so we'd have some room. Have any of you ever used moon sand before? It gets everywhere!)
Jack: Help me make a big pyramid!
me: I will, but let's keep all the sand in the tray here.
Jack: Then why are we using this mat? Isn't that supposed to catch the messes?
me: (stumped me again)

(10:30) Snack!
(my old trick...if you just put a plate of veggies and dip in front of a hungry child, they will most likely gobble up half of it before they know what hit them.)
Jack: Yum! More dip please! Heyyyy, I wanted some cheese!
me: No problem, you can have both. (carrots, red pepper, green beans, cheddar cheese and a peach all made a great snack)

The next hour or so ended up with us in a cycle of sorts. Jack wanted to use the computer again. I said no, maybe after lunch. He said he just had lunch. I said that was a snack. He said he wanted to use the computer, I said no, etc, etc. It escalated a bit and there were 2 time outs given.

me: Do you think 5 1/2 year olds get time outs?
Jack: Everyone should get time outs.
me: What I mean is, don't you think you should listen to what I say and then you'll end up getting what you want anyway? If you argue, do you get what you want?
Jack: Nope.
me: Then why do you do it?
Jack: I don't know how to stop. Oh, can I use the computer NOW?????
me: Sigh. Let's go read a few books and calm down... (so we read some Toot and Puddle)

(12:00) Pool!
Dennis: Hey Jack, do you want to go to the pool with me and we'll let Mommy have a break?
Jack: Yayyyyy! Mommy does need a break from me.
me: (ha ha) Whew.

And they're gone again! They'll be back soon, but I had the luxury, again, of reading, folding some laundry, avoiding some more bills, and buying a really cute shirt online! Not bad. I even got out my sketchbook and did a little picture with colored pencils. It's been awhile. Now it looks like rain and I'm sure the peaceful house will be back to it's usual mayhem any minute now.

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