Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What Jack is Reading

At the moment that is. He reads everything. Cereal boxes, signs on the highway, ingredient labels (mostly for the deadly tree nuts), catalogs that we consider junk mail, and of course his ever-growing library of books.

Today he read "Alexander, Who Used to be Rich This Past Sunday" on the way to school, cracking up hysterically the entire time! He also loves the other Alexander books, which are really funny, and keep parents entertained as well.

Jack: Mom he said "My brother told me to take my money and go by a new face. He stinks!" Hahahahaaaa! This is a REALLY good book Mom.

He then read "Amelia Bedelia - Under Construction" on the way home from school. He was so engrossed, that if I tried to ask him a mundane question (How was your day, did you like your lunch?), he would say "trying to read, can't answer!", without looking up. Yikes. A mini-me. Don't interrupt me until I get to the end of that paragraph! Please!

Jack: (when he finally finished with Amelia) I can't believe they were using steaks in the ground instead of the stakes that are made out of wood. That is soooo funny!

And tonight before bed, the comedy trend continued, with me reading "Doggone Dogs". Always a favorite because of the lengthy and poetic discussion of poop. Any child (read: boy) will love it.

Jack: Mom, they have to call the troops to pick up all the doggone poop! That is SO gross!

Even though Jack has turned into an excellent reader, he loves for Mom or Dad to read to him. We are working our way through "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe", which Jack is LOVING. But we don't read it every single day. When he's in the mood, Jack has a tendency to turn to some of the oldies but goodies, even though I consider them "baby" books. :) Jack wanted one more story before bed tonight and he chose "The Berenstain Bear's - B Book". Again with the laughter. You just try and say "Big Brown Bear, Blue Bull, Beautiful Baboon, Blowing Bubbles, Biking Backward..." with a straight face. Sheesh.

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