Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back-seat Driver

Whenever Jack and I are in the car together, there's a constant jibber-jabber that comes from the back seat. Jack likes to talk. That much we know. What you maybe didn't know is that he likes to have an uninterrupted monologue, and the car is the perfect spot. I'm preoccupied with driving and generally let him ramble on until I'm asked a direct question. Today I actually paid attention to most of the ramblings, and it was pretty entertaining. Albeit mostly non-sequitur, but hey, he's still only 5.

Jack: Mom, the light is red. Aren't you going to cut through the gas station?
me: Nahh, I'm good. Those cars are in the way, anyway.
Jack: Just go over the curb.

Jack: Oh no, I forgot to tell Cameren that I do have a spider man shirt. Man...When I lean wayyy over like this I can see the sky upside down and it looks like the ground is blue. wooaaahhhh...

Jack: I could use some music? Yeah?
me: Oh, sorry, I'll put something on. (I turned on the iPod. Boston.)
Jack: Reverse! Gas! Music! More than a feeling! (Jack is quoting Madagascar when the penguins steal the jeep. Good memory! And a damn funny scene.)

Jack: I know this is where your phone always goes dead. When we get home can I use your computer?
me: Jack that's 8 hours from now. We haven't even gotten to school yet.
Jack: I just didn't want to forget...I love the curious George video when he says "George, return the headgear!" hahahahahahaha. That is the funniest. Are we almost there? Ohhh, park in the front spot if you can~!

Jack: So I wonder if tomorrow I can sleep forever? I was soooo tired this morning. Oh and today we're going swimming. Yayyyyy. But I may have to rest. Did you say Uncle John has a new house? Where is it? I'm not ever going to move out of our house Mommy. Can I stay there forever?
me: Yes, you can stay forever if you want to. But, when you turn 20, you may want to move out just like Uncle John did.
Jack: Did he tell Grandpa he was moving out?
me: I believe he had to.
Jack: I'll tell you if I ever want to move out. But I probably won't ever want to. That's okay. We'll do stuff until I'm 100.

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