Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sports Much?

(Jack and Soccer)
Jack: Mom, what do you have to do to win the World Cup?
me: You have to beat all of the other teams that are playing.
Jack: No, like, what do you DO to win.
me: It's soccer, so the team with the most goals wins the game. Then they play other teams and try to win. Whoever wins the most games wins the World Cup.
Jack: I bet it's just like the Piston Cup!
me: Do you want to watch a game on TV?
Jack: (after 10 minutes of Paraguay vs. Spain) Can we turn this off now? I'd rather be a bison.

(Jack and Baseball)
Dennis and Jack went to a Yankees game on Friday. It was Jack's first game ever, and Dennis' first time in the new stadium. Here's how it went.

Jack: We didn't get to see the whole game because it was very long!
Dennis: He was bored by the 3rd inning.
Jack: I ate so much food and it was great!
me: I hope you didn't eat too much junk food...
Dennis: He ordered sushi. A salmon roll.
me: (at a baseball game?? uh oh.)
Dennis: (seeing my look of slight horror) It was very fresh! They have a big selection of food!
Jack: Eh, we couldn't see very much and they were tiny.
Dennis: We had great seats and they were even in the shade!
Jack: But I got these awesome sweat bands! (he models his wrists for me)
Dennis: We went to Modell's across from Grand Central. I wasn't paying $15 for one wrist band at the stadium.

(Jack and Hockey)
Jack: Mom, how come they get to beat each other up?
me: It's part of the game.
Jack: Do they have to go in a time out?
me: Actually, they have a penalty box, so it's sort of like a time out.
Jack: Yeah, and they have to say they're sorry when they come out, just like I do.

(Jack and Golf)
We took Jack to play mini golf. He enjoyed the idea of it, but not the execution.

Jack: I'm just gonna hit it until I get the ball in.
me: Well, we actually all have to take turns. It's Daddy's turn to go.
Jack: No, I want to get it in first! WAAAAHHHHHH!
Dennis: Just let him hit it as much as he wants...
me: Jack, we do NOT swing the club around like that. If you whack the ground again, we'll have to leave. I'm sorry if you can't hit it into the hole. Keep trying please.
Jack: I'm not having fun!

Luckily Jack is a great reader and loves computers. 

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