Friday, May 21, 2010

Why I like Fridays

Work = done. School = done. Weekend is here! I like Fridays because there is no plan. We go with the flow. I picked Jack up from school and had to run a few errands. He was cool with that. We ended up going to the grocery store and Jack wanted to stop and watch a tae kwon do class that takes place right next door. So we watched about 10 minutes or so. He begged for lessons again. But I had to remind him that we tried that last year and he couldn't pay attention. All of the other kids in the class were standing at attention (at 3 and 4 years old!) and Jack literally says "Oh Mommy, Looookkk, a fly!" and started to chase it around the classroom. So he begged some more and I said I would think about it.
Jack: Please Please Please, I know I can concentrate so much better now.
me: I think you're right, and maybe we can try a class again sometime. But you know, this is different than the Karate you do in school. They don't count in Japanese here.
Jack: Well, then I'll learn whatever language I have to. It's not that hard. Sheesh. (Dismissive wave of the hand. Jack somehow wins that debate)

Then we headed home. On the way we saw the antique car show gearing up, so we decided to drop the groceries at home, eat out and then visit the "old-fashioned cars" as Jack calls them. We ate at Bill's, the little drive-in burger place close to home. Jack ordered his usual, cheeseburger with fries, and I ordered my usual, grilled chicken on whole wheat. Yeah I know, it's a burger place. But the chicken is really good!

Jack: Why do you never let me order chocolate milk?
me: Because it's not that good for you. Too much sugar.
Jack: But...I'm gonna have ice cream for dessert right? That has sugar in it.
me: See? You can't have both. Either it's chocolate milk OR ice cream. (whew)
Jack: Sighhh...I guess I'll have white milk.
me: (after we start eating) How's the burger?
Jack: Good! (giant mouthful he's chomping) Can I have a bite of your sandwich? you still have a coldsore?
me: Yeah a little bit.
Jack: Well then, since you started eating THAT half, then the other half will be mine. Can I try that other half?
me: (suddenly realizing exactly how hungry he is and realizing that it will translate into a lot less food for me) Sure, have a bite.
Jack: MMMMMMM!!! OOOhhhhh that is good! (chomping up a storm and rubbing his belly) We're having a really GOOD dinner aren't we Mommy!
me: (as the owner walks by quite pleased with Jack's reaction) Okay, but you need to eat your own dinner too.
Jack: Here, you can have some of my french fries (he tosses me a couple of scraps). But save that half of chicken. Do not touch it.
me: Sigh. (And again, Jack wins most of the food and also gets ice cream)

After eating, we went to see the classic cars. Jack made everyone smile as he walked up to each car with his hands folded behind his back and peered into the driver side windows, and then inspected the engines. (I told him absolutely no touching).
Jack: Wowww, this car has a little mini car just like it on the hood Mommy! And look, the engine is sticking right out of the hood. Gasp! There IS no hood! (this made him extremely happy)
me: These are really cool!
Jack: Mom, they are not cool they are hot. See all the flames painted on the sides? (Shakes his head and moves on to the next car.)

Final score: Jack = 3, Mommy = 0 (he was on a roll tonight)


  1. That's so cool that he likes that stuff on a different level.

  2. It's not cool, it's HOT. :) Per Jack.