Monday, May 31, 2010

3rd Day at the Cape

Another gorgeous day at the Cape! The only weird thing, aside from me getting my butt to run 6.8 miles this morning at 5:15 gasp, is that the island was covered in a smokey haze. It smelled exactly like a campfire. I found out from a few fishermen that it is the smoke from a fire in, get this, Canada. WTF! Those winds are really a-blowing, let me tell you. The whole outer Cape smells of it. Visibility was really bad for awhile too. Then by afternoon, it all blew out to sea. I'm going to go look this up and see what's happening up there in Quebec.

Our day had a weird contrary feel to it, starting this morning. No matter what I said, the opposite answer was correct. Hm.

Jack: (last night before bed) And remember, tell Dad to be quiet tomorrow morning so that you "do not wake up the buffalo".
me: No problem. Does that mean you'll sleep past 5 a.m. tomorrow?
Jack: Oh yeah, I'll sleep allllll day when I'm a buffalo. They're very tired all the time.

(next morning at 5 a.m. on the dot!)
Jack: Mooommmmmmmm
me: Wha?
Jack: Nothing, I only have to go to the bathroom
me: (whew) Okay let's go
Jack: But...I could stay up if you wannnnttt?
me: Oh no you're a disgusting buffalo that needs sleep remember?
Jack: Oh yeah! Good night!
me: (hee hee I'm free)

(I went out for my run at 5:15. Got back and Jack was awake in his bed, visibly upset)
Jack: Why did you not tell us where you were going?
me: Because you were both asleep and you told me not to wake a sleeping buffalo, ever!
Jack: But you know you can wake me when you're going running!
me: How does that help either of us. You can't go with me.
Jack: I can run with you!
me: Sigh.

(Later we drove along the coast to Chatham and Harwich to check out the sights.)
Jack: I'd really like to stop at a playground Mommy.
me: Ok, if we see one we'll stop
Jack: Now I'm hungry!
me: Well, so is Daddy and it's lunchtime, so we'll probably have lunch before we stop to play anywhere.
Jack: But I want to go to the beach!!!
me: What about the playground?
Jack: Oh yeah, let's skip lunch for now and go play, okay?

(we stop to eat lunch and then start looking for a playground/beach combo)
me: Oh, there's a beach down here we can go take a look at?
Jack: Plaaayyyygrouuunnnndddd....
me: Or a playground.
Jack: I'm ready to go back to the house and play in the yard.
me: We're going to the beach first, remember?
Jack: Why don't I ever get to do ANYthing that I want to.
me: You know what, that's a good idea, I think we should head back if you're going to get upset about it. We'll find something fun to do there.
Jack: Noooo, but I want to go to the beeeeachhhhhh!
me: Sigh.

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