Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bragging Rights

Yes my son is a genius. Isn't yours?? Well, let's face it, we all know he got his looks from me and his brains from Dennis. it the other way around? Maybe he got both of our brains? Mine does seem a bit slower these days.

Jack recently had some routine testing done in his K class. Of course he did an excellent job. He's a great tester. Probably because he has a fantastic memory for detail. I used to have a great... wait, what were we talking about? Anyway...

me: Hey Jack, I heard you did another set of tests at school today. How did you do?
Jack: Good. It was easy stuff that I already knew.
me: Ohhh, did they ask you the same things that they asked you last time?
Jack: Yeah, pretty much... We had to know our address and a bunch of other stuff.
me: And did they ask for your city and state, too?
Jack: Mom, we live in a town.
me: Yes, you're right! :)
Jack: I'd like to live in a city maybe? There are less trees right?
me: Like New York City? But that's a really big city.
Jack: Nahhh, I think I like living in the suburbs. (this is a 5 year old, remember)
me: Ha ha, you are one funny kid Jack. I love your stories.
Jack: That wasn't a story. I don't have ANY stories. And, if I did they wouldn't be funny ones.


  1. Wait a second, I think I figured it out

  2. Sigh. I got all excited for 3 comments. haha. thanks!