Saturday, May 29, 2010

1st Day at the Cape

We were up very early to pack the car and leave on our road trip to the Cape. Not early enough, I worried, but we didn't forget any essentials. Just my book. And Q-tips. And Jack's folding chair with umbrella. And the eggs. But hey, not too bad!

Jack: Yaayyyyy, we're leaving for Cape Cod!
Dennis: Lucky us.
me: We're late.

And so we pulled out of the driveway, each wrapped in our own thoughts. Me, of the things I forgot, Dennis wondering if I'll get over the fact that we left close to an hour later than planned, and Jack planning all the things we will do this week.

Jack: Uh, guys, I'm not buckled in!
Dennis: (muttering and pulling over for the first time) Why not?
Jack: I don't know, you just started driving!

We stopped briefly near Rhode Island for coffee and bagels. Dennis opened the back hatch for somthing before we started driving again.

Dennis: Someone's door is open! (noticing the little red light on the dash as we cruised back onto the highway.)
me: It's the hatch. You didn't close it hard enough.
Dennis: (muttering and pulling onto the shoulder, then trying not to get hit by the cars whizzing by.) Anything else I need to pull over for?
Jack: Why is Daddy getting out on the highway?

We stopped to meet my brother in Orleans, as he was coincidentally making a delivery to Nauset Beach. Then we went to a playground so we could kill time until the 2pm check-in at our rental house.

Jack: I have to pee!
me: (scoping out the disgusting porta-potty) Jack, let's just go behind that tree over there.
Jack: (hops the small fence and ducks behind the big pine tree)
me: Uh, OMG, this is all poisin ivy! (I can't even believe I let my little boy come within millimeters of a literal poisin ivy farm!) Jack get over here. Do not touch any of that!!
Dennis: Way to go. You know they have porta-potties?
me: (wiping every inch of Jack and his shoes with baby wipes) I don't really think he stepped in it...?
Jack: Nah, I'm fine. I don't itch at all! (runs off to the playground)

(Let's hope not. We won't find out until next week possibly.)

me: Sigh.