Monday, May 24, 2010

Musical Interlude

Jack and music. Ahhh where to begin. He loves basically all musical instruments. The trumpet and guitar being two of his faves. He can belt out a mean tune on a pre-programmed keyboard (ala this past Mother's Day!) and is always ready for some freestyle dancing, twitchy butting, or general moshing if the right tune comes on the radio.

At first, he would only listen to HIS songs on CD...nursery rhymes, then Disney themes, then Kidz Bop (dear God some of them are actually better than the originals! Life is a Highway!) and finally some classics like Billy Joel, Queen, U2, of course Elvis, and even Bob Marley. The best is when I turn up the radio and Jack recognizes a song that is playing. Or, we are walking down the hall of his school, which has piped in radio music playing in the common areas.

Jack: Heeeyyyyyy, is that The Entertainer? That's Billy Joel! (to the bewilderment of the admin. staff and a few moms.)
me: Yeah, you recognized it? I can hardly hear it.
Jack: Oh, Oh this is the best part! (starts singing) "...played all kindsa palaces, played all kindsa girls..." (he swaps out the real lyrics "laid all kindsa girls" for my kid friendly lyrics "played...", that i just sing loudly whenever it gets to that part of the song. Come on, wouldn't you do that too?)
me: You have pretty good taste eh?
Jack: Yeah, yeah... once when we were in class I heard piano man and I told them "the microphone smells like a beer!" I mean, how gross, it actually SMELLS like a beer? Only Daddy smells like a beer I thought. heh heh.

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