Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Jack has a new favorite hobby. Spying. On anyone and anything. He has more spy gear than the CIA and KGB combined. And a lot of it really works! Most evenings as I'm cooking dinner I will hear lots of muted shuffling and quick little footsteps somewhere behind me, and as I turn around there will be a flurry of activity as the "spy" tries to hide. He'll get better at it I'm sure.

Jack has even invented his own code, such as: two blinks means, let's get out of here and one blink means duck down, etc. And therefore he needs a "co-spy" to help him out. Otherwise, why all the code? Jack and his friends usually spend a lot of time blinking at each other and then having loud whisper conversations about what the heck the other one is trying to say...I mean, blink. His one friend, Gavin, was over the other day and they really went at it with disguises, weapons, spy gear and of course, lots of time out for snacks.

Jack: (loud whisper from the other room) Gavin, she's right in the kitchen, you have to go through the dining room and get her. (Assume that "her" = "me".)
Gavin: (not paying any attention to Jack) She's a monster, let's get her!
Jack: Nooooo, we're SPYing, you have to be quiet! (as he yells this out loud)
Gavin: (whispering) Ohhh, okay, let's spy on her and THEN capture her like she's a monster or a bad guy. (Really, are there no bad girls?)
Jack: Gavinnnn, fix your spy helmet and--- Oh no she sees us!
(I happened to turn around to put something in the fridge)
Jack: Runnn! (and in his hurry he slips and crashes into Gavin)
Gavin: Owwww! Get off me, let's go!
(mad scramble to the stairs, which is called "base")
Jack and Gavin: (mad blinking at each other)
Jack: Oh, Yeah, I got it, let's go back and finish spying
Gavin: (now sneaking up on me) Aha! Got her! (slaps handcuffs on me)
me: Okay, once you catch me you have to take a break and have a drink and snack
Jack: Oh, good idea! He sidles up to the counter and starts munching on snacks.
Gavin: Yeah, I like this idea of spying and snacking. (munch munch!)
Jack: Ahh, good. Okay let's go spy some more.

And so on and so forth for the next hour and a half. Bonus: I did manage to get a few small chores done in the kitchen while this was going on!

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