Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We all know her. We all love her. Especially Jack. If you don't know Jack's little striped gray cat, that he's had since he was two, well then you're missing out! Jack takes her everywhere. She is especially present when he is tired and needs to suck his thumb. Her ears are worn smooth from the rubbing.

Jack is getting to be at the age where he knows he should stop sucking his thumb (omg how did we get here so fast?) but is finding it hard to do that on a daily basis. He has taken to leaving Stripey in the car instead of bringing her into school, so he won't be "tempted", as he says. Now I come out to the car from work and see the forlorn kitty sitting upside down on Jack's booster seat. He still sleeps with her...and I wonder if that will ever end. :)

me: (as I tuck Jack into bed) How about wearing your thumb buster to bed tonight Jack? (a blue cloth velcro thingy that goes over his thumb to prevent sucking)
Jack: I hate that! (fumbles around for Stripey, thumb goes into mouth)
me: But you could at least try it and then take it off if you want? (I'm secretly hoping he'll fall asleep before he remembers to take it off!)
Jack: Ohhkaaayyyyyy... (we put TB on his thumb)
me: See? Not too bad...hey wait, did you take it off already?? Sighhh...
Jack: (sucking noises like Maggie from the Simpsons)
me: How about you count to 20 then stop and give it a break?
Jack: (takes thumb out and takes a deep breath...uh oh) I don't want to stop. I'm never going to stop! I don't care if I get braces and they don't cost too much! I'm going to suck my thumb and drive my car like that lady from the restaurant (that's another story altogether!) and I like it and I'm not going to stop.
me: Wellll, if you're Chewbacca or a giant dirty buffalo, THEY don't suck their thu-- I mean, paws or hooves, do they?
Jack: (pondering) Noooo.
me: So there. Be a buffalo tonight.
Jack: Well, I've never been around a baby buffalo so I don't really know if he would suck his hoof or not. (Thumb goes back in, Stripey gets gripped tighter, and I give up for the evening)
me: Okay, work it out however you need to. Good night!
Jack: Goordth Nighddth!

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