Thursday, May 27, 2010

Buffalo Food

You never know what a day will bring. You can hope for a good day and have it turn to sh*t pretty fast. Or you can wake up in a foul mood and have some small thing make you smile and turn your day around. Likewise, you never know how your day will end. There are always routines, especially when you have kids. Pickup from school, head home to feed the cats and put away papers and lunchboxes, change clothes, perhaps play for a bit, then make dinner, then bath, stories and finally bedtime.

Today Jack decided to mix it up. I thought it was going to be a "bad" day based upon the night we had. Let's just say that the word tantrum could not even describe it. But those things happen. I kind of roll with it. Therefore I thought the residual mood from last night would carry over to today. But, that wasn't the case. Jack had a good day at school, he had a lot of fun being the teacher's helper and working with a friend on their reading (he was especially proud of this), and he had spectacular manners on the way home and at home.

It's been a beautiful day but alas, we are not outside. Jack wanted to change into clean clothes and be a buffalo. Which means, roll around in a furry blanket, mostly on the floor, and have me pet/feed/coddle him. As I'm writing this, I'm realizing that Jack's pretending to be a buffalo actually coincides with him needing more attention and cuddling. Hm. Hadn't really thought of that.

Jack: Can you put pictures of buffaloes up on your computer so I can look at them first?
me: (google images) Ohhh, here's a big nasty looking one!
Jack: Cool! Now I need you to make me a buffalo pen. Can you bring the table and chairs (his small set) in here and make walls.
me: I'm on it... (I proceeded to feed him small bits of pretzel as snacks and pet him and say how ferocious he looked. He was loving it.)
Jack: What are we having for dinner? It should probably not be meat because buffaloes don't eat meat. So make something buffalo-y.
me: (slim pickings as I did not go grocery shopping) How about corn souffle? Your favorite!
Jack: Yayyy. Can you make it quick and then come back to play while it's in the oven?
me: Yep. I'll go hurry so we can play some more. Are you sure you don't want to go outside? Look how nice it is out there. (I look longingly out the window, which is tough after being cooped up all day in the office.)
Jack: No, this is EXACTLY what I want to be doing.
me: Be right back! (I start making the souffle and keep talking to Jack while he lays in the hallway. Pretty soon his answers are unintelligible. I pop the souffle in the oven and come back to find this waiting for me):

So much for not napping anymore. And what will tonight's sleep be like? Eh, it's fiiinnnneee. :)

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