Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Learning A New Word

Ever since Jack was little, whenever he would hear us use a new word, he would ask what it meant and then use it in a sentence. It was his way of committing the definition to memory I guess, or he just wanted to be a smarty pants! Either way.

One day Jack and I saw a woman smoking a cigarette. (He HATES the "nasty little CGs"... as he calls them.) He won't even look at people who smoke, and he shrieks in horror if I accidentally step on a discarded cigarette butt on the ground.

Jack: Why do people smoke nasty CG's?
me: Well, people start smoking when they are very young, because they think it's cool, and they don't realize that cigarettes are so bad for them.
Jack: Then why don't they just stop after their Mom tells them they are bad for them.
me: Because people become addicted and it's really, really hard to stop.
Jack: What does "addicted" mean?
me: It's when you do something even though you know you should stop, but you can't. Your body has learned a very bad habit.
Jack: Oh. Like I am addicted to choking on your pasta?


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