Monday, May 17, 2010

Things to Savor

This morning was just a regular Monday morning. However, I felt memories being etched into my mind as we got ready to start our day, and it's not often that you are actually conscious of this happening. I will always savor these little snapshots because I know they are fleeting...

Jack: (awake at 6:20) Mooommmm! I'm ready to stay awaaaaakkke now!
me: Oh, but it's so early honey...
Jack: Well, I guess I'll stay in bed and read some books? Can you get me some?
me: Of course! Let me open the curtain so you can see. Here you go...enjoy! (I leave his room and glance back. He's snuggled under his Wall-E blanket, thumb in, flipping through a book, the first morning light filtering in. A camera shutter clicks in my mind.)

Later as I'm in the shower, I look out through the steam. Jack is standing next to Dennis at the sink. Dennis is shaving and I notice that Jack has his little shaver out also. They're both going through the up and down motions of removing shaving cream. Dennis places his hand on Jack's back. CLICK!

Jack and I are at Jack's school, and as usual he wants to exit the vehicle from the front seat and hop out my door. I watch him writhe and twist around the steering wheel, half upside down, until he is standing on my seat.
me: Jack, your sneakers look loose. Let me tighten the laces.
Jack: Well, okay, but they're comfy that way. You don't really have to, but if you want to then that's fiiiine with me. (He grins, and I look up and notice that he's wearing the same shirt he slept in. There's a tiny stain on one shoulder from where he most likely turned his head and wiped his mouth at breakfast this morning. His hair is all messy. CLICK again!)

And lastly, I walk Jack to his classroom and put his things away in his cubby. Jack is signing in on the clipboard... Two of his good friends run up to him to say hi. Jack holds up his hands. He's wearing black knitted winter gloves, with red Darth Vaders on the palms. He had me cut the fingers and thumbs off so he can wear them with his fingers sticking out. "Because they're cool Mom!" He holds them up for his friends to examine. I'm standing behind him realizing how big he's gotten right before my very eyes. He's so proud to show off his gloves and his friends are amazed by them. Ahhh, 5 year old boys. And CLICK again.

Those 3 snapshots came back to me vividly as I was sitting at my desk doing my usual flood of work. I'm glad I was able to stop and write this down, and that I have the freedom to take 5 minutes and make a few of my special memories available in words.

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