Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just another manic Wednesday

Last night we had some freaky weather...heavy rain, wind, lightning, etc, so apparently the power went out for a bit. Needless to say, the alarm clock flashed "12:00" and any hope of getting to work on time was lost.

I woke up on my own in a leisurely fashion, and glanced over at the clock. "CRAP!!!!!!!" It was 8:06 a.m. and NOT 6:30, which I had expected to see. We didn't have our backup alarm clock (Dennis) with us this week because he's in DC. So, I ran upstairs to wake up sleeping beauty, who decided to sleep in also! When is he ever still in bed after 7 a.m., never mind 8 a.m.!

me: Jaaaaack, time to get up sweetie....
Jack: Mmmmrrrffffff? It sounds like a frying pan, what's cooking?
me: That's just the rain on the roof.
Jack: But I want eggs in a frying pan.
me: Well, we woke up late today, so I guess it's Dunkin Donuts for breakfast...
Jack: I'll just be a buffalo for awhile while you get ready okay? (he snuggles down into his fluffy Wall-E blanket and rolls around.)  Wait! buffaloes don't eat donuts!
me: Neither do you. You can get a bagel.

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