Friday, May 14, 2010

The Many Moods of Jack - Volume 1

(4:20pm. My car. On the way home from school with Jack)
Jack: I did NOT even think about you today and I did NOT miss you!! (thumb goes in)
me: Sigh...

(4:30pm. Still in car. I reach back and try to hold Jack's hand and tell him it's okay to be angry)
Jack: (slaps my hand)
me: Jack you're really hurting my feelings with this behavior. If you want to sit quietly by yourself just say so please.
Jack: (starts to cry) Hold my haaaannnnnndddd!
me: Sigh...

(4:40pm. At home. Giant mulch pile had arrived in our driveway)
Jack: Yayyyy! I'm going to be the best helper ever! (grabs a shovel and literally works for an hour)
me: (?) Wow. Good work!

(5:40pm. In house. Cleaning up to go over a friend's house.)
Jack: And I don't even want to go to a STUPID party with no other kids going.
me: (hauling him into a time out) Sigh...

(5:45pm. Time out is over)
me: Okay Jack, your time out is over. I put you here because you were talking back to me and using bad language. I would like an apology please.
Jack: (gets up and gives me a dagger-eyed look and walks right past me)
me: Sigh... (another time out for Jack)

(5:50pm. 2nd time out is over)
me: I would like an apology please or else it's another time out.
Jack: Sorrrrrryyyyyyyy...
me: Okay let's get cleaned up please. We're late!
Jack: How long are we staying?
me: Maybe at least an hour, until Daddy gets home
Jack: I want to say longer than that! That's too short of a time to be at a party!
me: (uh oh) We'll see...

(6:15pm. At friend's house. Lots of little munchies around)
Jack: (shoveling in food) Mmmmmmm! (shovel, shovel)
Some ladies at the party: Wow, you have SUCH a well-behaved little boy! He is Sooo cute!
me: Sigh.

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