Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blue-Eyed Ghost vs. Ed the Cat

It was 3 a.m., and I didn't mean to, but I had fallen asleep on the couch. This never happens. Never. I woke up when I felt the pitter-patter of little paws as they made their way over my head and onto my chest. Ed was awake and wanted ME to be awake. I sat up and saw that Ed was acting very distressed. I calmed him down for a minute (of course Bella was still sleeping and could not be bothered to get up and say hello) and then started to get off the couch, when I heard Jack's cry. Ed must have ESP!

Jack: Moooommmmaaaaayyyyyy! (he didn't sound very happy!)
me: (stairs 2 at a time) Hey, are you okay?
Jack: I had a bad dream!
me: Oh honey it's okay, come here. (I rocked him in my lap for a bit while I sat on the edge of his bed) Do you want to tell me what happened?
Jack: I had a dream that someone was knocking on my door and when I went to open it, it was Ed and then I shut the door but it shut on Ed's paw and he was crying and I felt bad that I hurt him.
me: It's was just a dream...
Jack: But then after I shut the door again I heard another knock so I thought it was Ed again, so I opened the door and it was a GHOST! And he had blue eyes that glowed in the dark. And he looked at me. And said "BOO!"
me: You don't have to worry, it's over now...
Jack: But it was sooooo scary and I was afraid!

While Jack was describing his dream, Ed came upstairs and prowled around Jack's bedroom peering into all the corners. Hmmmm.

me: Would you like me to leave your door open so that Ed can come out when he's ready? You might feel better if he was in the room with you?
Jack: Nahhhhh, it's fine. The ghost is gone. I think he's afraid of Ed.

Only after checking every corner of Jack's room did Ed finally go back downstairs and get back up on the couch.


  1. Wow, that's so freaky. It's all connected, I love that kind of stuff

  2. I will try to comment on my OWN blog. Anyway, I think Ed is psychic. He was acting sooo weird? Maybe he knew that Jack was dreaming about him...?