Sunday, May 16, 2010


The giant pile of mulch arrived on Friday. It now sits there, watching our every move. Come on over, it says. Dig in. I'm not going aaaaanywhere...

Jack and I did just that on Friday afternoon, and then again today. Dennis helped us out also. We got a few small flower beds looking pretty. We're saving the heavy work for next weekend when my two brothers, two nephews and my Dad all come over to help. Oh the mayhem that will ensue.

Jack was an excellent helper, similar to his performance this past Friday. He was willing to dig, haul, sweep, smooth and generally give orders!

(first 15 minutes of mulching) I'll help you Mommy! Let me fill the cart! Yayy this is fun, we're gonna work so hard!
(10 minutes later...) Well, let me go help Daddy. You're doing SUCH a good job Mommy. Dad needs my help. Dad! Let me help you! Here I can fill your cart too!
(10 minutes later...) Daaaaaad, I want to use that shovel. It's mine!
(5 minutes later...) Mom, how about YOU fill the cart and I just push it where you need it and YOU dump it? Boy this is hard work.
(5 minutes later) Let me go check on Dad again...
(3 minutes later) Whew, I'm getting hungry for a snack. Mom, how about I go see where you need to dump the mulch and then I tell you where you should put it? Like, I'll be the boss of the mulch.
(2 minutes later) Ehhh, I guess you can figure out where to dump it. Just put it over there. (waves his hand in general area of the flower bed.) Want to play now???

me: Jack I only have two more carts to fill and then I'll be done.
Jack: (1 minute later) You should only dump one more pile because I said so. How about that? Really, you're on your last pile now? That must be because I'm such a great boss. I'm in charge so of course I know you're on the last pile. heh heh. Even if you weren't, you would have to stop because I said so.

Jack: Okay is everyone done? Time to play? Good job! I did such hard work today right Mommy?

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