Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jack's week of babysitters

This was a new thing. Actually going out. More than once. In one week! Dennis and I haven't had this track record in over 5 years. Okay, one of the nights out was me with friends. But still! The 2nd night out we went to dinner. And the 3rd time we went out, it was (gasp) overnight to NYC! It was the weekend of fun for Jack.

me: Okay, now remember, Grandma's coming over tomorrow night, so we have to get everything ready.
Jack: Yaaaayyy! (then suddenly remembers...) Hey, wait a minute. That's 3 babysitters in 3 days!
me: (ahem) Well, actually four days...
Jack: Yeah, yeah, what's with the babysitters?
me: Because Mommy and Daddy need to have some alone time.
Jack: No you don't. Why don't I go with you AND the babysitters?

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