Friday, May 28, 2010


We're getting ready for our (a bit early) trip to the Cape tomorrow. We normally go in September but did not want to disrupt Jack's 2nd week of 1st grade. So, the only week we could grab was Memorial Day week. The weather is supposed to be great. I am so excited. So is Jack. He has been counting down the days and was really cooperative tonight while he was getting ready for bed. He can't wait to visit all of our favorite spots along the way!

Jack: First we leave here, then go by that big building with the bug (Providence, RI) then we see the bridges (Bourne, Sagamore), then we eat at Pancake Man (Yarmouth), then go to the beach store across the street, then the taffy store, then Willy World, then we see the fire tower (Wellfleet) then...
me: the drive in theater?
Jack: I thought that was in Trumbull?
me: Huh?
Jack: Oh yeah. The drive in theater...then Uncle Tim's bridge, then the house! Then sssnnniiifffffffffff! (Jack loves loves loves the smell of the Cape house). I can't wait to smell it!
me: You have a really good memory for all of those details.
Jack: Well, yeah, I've been going there since I was little!