Sunday, May 9, 2010


We all know that Jack is a talker. Hence the blog. But the funny thing is, he didn't start really talking until he was almost 2. That's sort of late. What we think happened was that Jack was really really absorbing our conversations and then one day decided to blurt out a full sentence.

When he was about 1 he was making sounds for different things. My favorite was when he called the Christmas Tree "K". Now, don't pronounce the letter "Kay", just say the sound the K makes. That was it. Banana was Ba, Cookie was Coo and Cracker was Ca. Etc. This went on until the November before Jack was 2. At that time the only words he strung together was "couple more pieces" when in reference to snacks...Jack's favorite meal of the day!

Then on Christmas morning, a month before he turned 2, Jack was opening his presents. We realized that the ride-on excavator that we got him...Ahem, I mean that Santa got him, did not come with batteries. Jack looked at us both and said "Daddy runna Walgreens and get the C badarees!" O. M. G. The best part is we have proof, because we happened to be videotaping him opening his presents. From that point on, Jack could not be stopped.

This past Saturday, at breakfast, I was reading an old NY Times book section. Jack glanced over.

Jack: Mom, does that say "Explanation"?
me: Yes it does! Nice reading Jack.
Jack: And that "Impossible"?
me: You got it.
Jack: I think it's okay if I go into first grade next year. "You know who" can't even spell his own name.

(I'm not mentioning any names!)

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