Friday, June 11, 2010

Well, it has been two months...

Jack is home from school today with another colossal fever/cough/sorethroat. He's actually taking a much needed nap right now, considering he was awake at around 5:10 this morning for good. Ugh. Sooo tired right now. I guess I could take a nap too, but there are just too many things to do.

Jack: Mommy, I feel the very worst ever! Than ever before! Do I have swine flu??? Wahhhhhhhhhh!
me: (feeling his hot forehead) Time for some Motrin sweetie. You'll feel better soon, I promise.
Jack: You know you're not supposed to break promises.
me: I won't. (He holds out his pinky for a pinky swear...his new thing...and I grasp his with mine.)

This probably explains his mood this past week...a little tired and cranky overall, with low tolerance to most anything out of the ordinary. This morning after the motrin kicked in, we watched a few of his Clifford cartoons, played with play dough, watched Simon's Cat (all of them) on You Tube (good for him! have to watch the interview), played "office", ate some lunch and then played Trouble. All very low key. Which, if you know Jack, is highly out of the ordinary and completely proves that he is definitely not feeling well. Compare this to a day when he's feeling just ducky:

Jack: Mom, hey Mom! Can you put up the cones in the driveway so I can ride around them?
me: Jack, I know you're just going to kick them over and I'm not going to keep putting them back up.
Jack: Ohhhhkaaayyyy. Just set them up once. (he starts pedaling to the top of the driveway.)
me: All set.
Jack: (races around the cones in spectacular figure 8's and then proceeds to lean precariously off his bike as he rounds each turn and punt the cones in the air as high as he can.)
me: Sigh. Take it easy, ok?
Jack: I am! I'm not holding the big stick, am I? (then wonders out loud if he can turn his handle bars around and ride backwards)

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