Saturday, June 19, 2010

Strawberry Picking with Chloe!

(and Nelson and Annie and Nancy and Mike and me and Dennis...but really it's all about Chloe!)  :)

So we had a fun day (read: busier than hell) strawberry picking, but unfortunately the picking was kind of a thing we had to do between so many other things today. I wish we could have lingered longer. We started with Jack's swimming lesson, then a trip to Home Depot to get some veggie plants (yay tomatoes!), then a quick visit with the friends mentioned above at our house, lunch out, strawberry picking and then we had to race off to pick up my new car. Yes it's finally here! Double yay! I just love it. Subaru's rock in general, and the new Forester is just great.

Jack: Today's the day we get the new car! Yayyyyyy! And go strawberry picking...yayyyyy!
me: Lots to do eh?
Jack: Yeah you always cram it all in. (sounds like he was coached by Dennis...ahem...)

So back to Chloe. We all drove to the farm. As soon as we got out of the cars, Jack insisted on holding Chloe's hand. They are so cute together. Jack is so big that he makes Chloe look all small and dainty and then she makes him look all massive and boyish. And white. ha ha. So Jack insisted on holding hands and helping her cross the parking lot.

Jack: (minor falsetto voice) Come on Chloe, hold my hand, I'll help you.
me: Awwww look how cute! Jack you still have to hold my hand.
Jack: (looking at me with daggers) I'm holding her hand, so why...?  (He looked at me returning the dagger look right back at him.) Sigh... . Alriiiighht!

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