Monday, June 14, 2010

Early Bed Time

Enjoy these years. Savor them. Every week, every month...because there will come a day when it all changes. How? Well let me tell you. Your child will be able to tell time. Gone will be the chances to pull a fast one with bedtime, or say "Gee honey, I guess the toy store is closed." Jack is just on the cusp of telling time. He knows the full hours like 8 o'clock, 2 o'clock, etc, and is starting to learn the 1/2 hours, but, and this is a big but (ha ha) he doesn't care enough to actually check the clock when we tell him it's "time" for something. This is awesome. For now.

me: Okay, after we play for a few minutes we'll go upstairs and get ready for bed. (It's about an hour earlier than usual, but this kid has been so tired, and does not nap, so I thought I would give it a try.)
Jack: Uh...? (looks around at the bright sunshine) Okay...yawnnnnn!
me: Let's read a few stories and then it's night-night.
Jack: Can you read me more of Ralph S. Mouse? I can't wait to see when he goes to school!
me: Sure, no problem.
Jack: Can we read some extra pages? Because I've been sooooo good?
me: Definitely (Now that I have an entire hour before his real bedtime, we can splurge on the stories instead of rushing through them.)

After we read a whole bunch of pages, Jack asks for 1 more page. The answer is usually NO, but tonight I say YES!
Jack: Yayyyy, this is great. But, yawwwnnnnn, I'm really tired Mommy.
me: I know sweetie. Have a good night.

Final time: 7:30 in bed, lights out! Sometimes Moms do know best.

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