Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jack Discovers Queen

I was wondering when he would start liking different types of music. Jack always gets into whatever we're listening to, but sometimes he gets sick of it quickly and goes back to the old standbys: Billy Joel, Kidz Bop, etc. Nothing earth shattering there.

However, my Dad got Jack into Another one bites the dust a few weeks ago and the love affair began. He graduated to Bohemian Rhapsody and has frankly settled on that song for a few weeks now. So much so that, when I got my new car last weekend, Jack requested that the first song I played guessd it...Bohemian Rhapsody. From a 5-year-old. Sheesh.

Jack: Can you bring this CD in the house?
me: How come?
Jack: I want to listen to it in the living room.
me: Okay, but if we forget to put it back in my car, you won't get to listen to it tomorrow on the way to school.
Jack: I won't forget! I promise! Mom?
me: Yeah?
Jack: Can you get my trumpet downstairs?
me: Okaaayyy? (I go grab his trumpet with 4 working buttons and realistically tuned notes!)
Jack: (climbing up on the ottoman and waving his trumpet around) Now turn it on. Loud!

Bohemian Rhapsody comes on. He starts mouthing what he believes are the words, and frankly I'm sure he'd be horrified to learn what he was actually saying.

Jack: (runs upstairs and gets his magic wand, and then uses it like a conductor) Mom, you're the college class that I'm teaching music to. Sit over here and do what I do. (starts waving the stick around in time with ... what, I can't figure out... Oh, he's moving to the guitar music...pretty good ear!)
me: (copying his hand movements)
Jack: (sort of goes into a trance at the slow part of the song and waits for the fast rocking part) Toot-Toot (on the trumpet)
me: Now when the fast part starts, you gotta bang your head!
Jack: (starts hitting himself in the forehead) Why do we have to do this??
me: Ahahahahahaaa! Noooo, like this! (I start waving my hair around and sense a Wayne's World remake happening) That's head banging. Just copy me.
Jack: Ohhh, like you're on stage! (starts waving his head around and almost falls off the ottoman) Mom, enough, that's enough of your head. Go back to being a college student and just sit there and wait for me to teach you music. (Then he starts muttering to himself about having a disruptive student in his class.)

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