Monday, June 28, 2010

I only want Mommy!

How many times do we moms hear that. I want Mommy!!! When they get hurt, when they're tired, when they're upset, first thing in the morning, etc, etc. Sometimes Daddy has to have a turn! I tell this to Jack over and over. It's not as if he really doesn't want Dennis to do these things for him, because they do have a lot of fun together. It's just that he wants me "first".

(6 a.m.)
Jack: Moooommmmmmyyyyyyy-aahhhhhhhh!
me/Dennis: Groan.
me: You wanna get him?
Dennis: Grunt. (heads upstairs)
Jack: (as heard by me through the baby monitor) Nooooooo, I said I wanted Mommmmyyyy!
Dennis: (stomping back downstairs) He said he wants you. (flumps back into bed)
me: Yeah, I heard.

(12 p.m. Jack racing through the house with a punching balloon. For some reason he's kicking it, and misses, connecting with the end table.)
Jack: Wahhhhhhh! Ow Ow OWWWWWW! Mommmmyyyy!

(7:30 p.m.)
me: Okay Jack, one of us will help you brush teeth and get ready for bed, and the other will do stories. You can pick.
Jack: I pick Mommy for both.

(2 a.m.)
Jack: Mommmmmmm! Mama!
me: (breaking my neck to get upstairs) Whaaaattt????
Jack: Oh, I just had the weirdest dream that Cameren was a police officer and I was his partner, and we were both going in the police car...yawwwwnnnn... and ...
me: Honey, it's late. You need to go back to sleep now.
Jack: But I have more dream to tell you.
me: Can it wait until tomorrow morning? Because you may go back to sleep and dream some more. Then you can tell me all of it.
Jack: Well, if I have more of the dream, I'm going to wake up and call you again.


  1. So true. The middle of the night wakeup calls are the worst, but secretly, there's a part of me that loves the fact that my kids want me and only me at times. I am dreading the day they turn into independent teenagers and want nothin' to do with their momma.

  2. So true! I hate that I sometimes never get a break, but I do love that he "needs" me so often. Those teenage years will be here before we know it. :(