Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Many Moods of Jack - Volume 2

Yeah, Jack has a lot of mood swings. They're not always rational, are always entertaining, and are always, always unexpected. I really think that all 5-year-olds go through this kind of thing, because they are learning how to handle their emotions, learning lots of big new words (and learning some not-so-nice words) and just trying to show their independence and test boundaries. Either way, some days are tough as sh*t. This was our night last night.

Jack: (5:00 pm) Can you come swing with me?
me: Sure. Let me just finish re-potting these few plants here.
Jack: Okayyyyy! (he runs back to the swing set)
Jack: (5:05 screeching from the back yard) Mooommmmmmmmm!!!!!!
me: (dropping everything and sprinting) Whaaattt?
Jack: (smiling sweetly) Are you ready to swing?
me: Sigh.

Jack: (5:30) That was fun. Now what do you want to do?
me: Well, we have to go eat dinner, take a bath and get cleaned up before we go to bed.
Jack: NOOOOOOO!!! I hate dinner and bath! I want to playyyyy!!!
me: How about we eat, play, take a bath, play some more, get ready for bed and then play again?
Jack: You're lying.

(7:30 - After dinner and bath and stories, all of which he thoroughly enjoyed...)
Jack: Goodnight!
me: Goodnight, I love you.
Jack: Yeah, well I hate you. (rolls over)
me: (sighing, I leave the room) Sorry to hear that.
Jack: (behind the shut door) Wahhhhhhhhhh!
me: (back in his room) What's up Jack? Why did you say that?
Jack: Because you don't take good care of me! Waaaaahhh!!!
me: What?? What in the world makes you think that?
Jack: Because you did gardening for like 5 extra minutes when I TOLD you to come swing with me. (then delivers a kick to my leg)
me: Okay, first we do not kick. Second, I take great care of you. Think of everything we did together today. Playing, dinner, fun bathtime, great stories, I rubbed your back and you were all clean and fluffy...that's how I take care of you. I hope you can say something nice before I leave.
Jack: (muffled) Sorry.
me: Okay goodnight. (I leave the room and shut the door)
Jack: Waaahhhhhhhhhh!
me: (back in the room) What now Jack? Are you okay? Are you feeling bad about what you said?
Jack: Noooo, you have my blanket on me wrongggggggg! And, I'm still not saying I love you.
(this time I fix the blanket and leave for good.)  :(

I know Jack is testing out some of the worst thoughts he has in his head, just to say them out loud and feel powerful, but I also see how those words can hurt, not only me, but him as well. Some things he will have to figure out for himself. Today, of course, he was very apologetic and said he loved me about a hundred times. All is well. For now. :)


  1. Ah! This sounds like my 3 year old! Does it stay like this until they are 5!? I'm screwed then. Isn't that funny how you bend over backwards to include quality time and the more you do that the more they act like you don't ever do anything for them. Interesting. Lemme know when you get it all figured out. ha!

  2. Actually, I don't think it EVER changes. If they are the talkative type, then the mouth will always be something you will battle. :) I'll probably have it figured out, oh, by the time he's ready for college! ha ha.