Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jack and the Cats (Ed and Bella)

(Photo above: Bella on top, Ed peeking out)

Jack is only 5, but he has chores. There are certain things he MUST do each day, no ifs ands or buts. One of Jack's chores is giving the cats their breakfast and dinner, and changing their water. (speaking of cats...Ed is driving me bonkers! He's currently sitting in the chair right behind me while I perch on the edge, barely holding myself on the seat...sigh...)
Jack: (first thing in the morning...6 or 7am) Eddddddd, Bellllllaaaaa, Breakkkkkfffffrrrriiiiiiissssstttttt!!! (he does say it as if it's spelled Breakfrist and I can't convince him to stop)
cats: Meeeoooowww!!!!! (running circles around us until we practically break our necks)
Jack: Mom, I'll do everything, even measure. You don't have to help! No, nononononooooo I got it!!

He scoops the wet food into each of their bowls, and each cat waits patiently. Jack loves that he is in charge and that the cats wait for him to do his job.

Jack: The cats have to wait for me to feed them because they can't open up the can by themselves right?
me: That's right. And, that's why we have to feed them on time each day because their tummies tell them that it's breakfast time or dinner time. They don't have any way to get food by themselves.
Jack: What would happen if I didn't want to feed them anymore?
me: Well, the cats would be very hungry and then they would get sad and think that Jack doesn't love them anymore.
Jack: (eyes welling up) I would never never not feed them! Oh Belllaaaaa, who's a goooodd giiiirrrrllllllll? Ed you're a goooodddd booooyyyyyyyyyy!
cats: purrrrrr.
Jack: See? They love me too and they know I'll always take care of them until they're 100. I'll be 100 too, right?
me: (uh oh, now what do I say??)

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