Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day! (from the little boy that wants to be just like you!)

Jack made Father's Day very special for Dennis...with a little help from me. (Ahem, best little camera EVER!). Jack did a "daddy profile" complete with all of Dennis' stats...such as:

My Dad is _____ feet tall. Jack put "60"
My Dad weighs ____ lbs. Jack put 40. haha.
My Dad's favorite sport is? Jack answered...Soccer! (huh?)
But the best was "I love my Dad because he plays with me". Very sweet. Complete with 2 crayon people, one representing Jack, and one conspicuously wearing glasses, which looked eerily like Dennis. Maybe Jack will come over to the "art" side!

We let Dad sleep in a little, he opened some presents, then we went to see Toy Story 3 (awesome, and yes, bring your damn tissues.) Some of Jack's lines from today...

(Said while watching the previews at the theater) Now, this is a LONG movie right? Not a short one like on You Tube??

(During a scary part of the movie...I thought it was a bit dark, but I got over it.) No, I'm not scared Mom, it's a moovieeeee.

(While Dennis was opening presents) Oooohhh, you're gonna love this!!!  Uh, actually I have no idea what it is. Mom, what is it??? (in loud hoarse whisper)

(While playing Toy Story at home after the movie. Complete with Andy's fake accent) Will you choose death by monkeys??? (monkey noises here) Orrrrrr, death by...? (worried panic) Mom, I don't have anything else to do death by!
me: Orrrr, death by legos!!??
Jack: (whining) Mommm, that's not a real thing!

(I overheard this while Dennis and Jack were cooking dinner) Oh yes, I would love to put the spices on. Can I use the mallet now??
me: (uh oh)

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