Friday, June 18, 2010

Time to Eat!

Jack is an adventurous eater. No doubt. But he's still a 5-year-old. That means his favorite dishes of all times are 1) mac and cheese, 2) grilled cheese, 3) cheeseburgers. Notice a trend? The kid loves cheese. Cheese sticks, string cheese, laughing cow cheese, cream cheese on anything, cheesy broccoli, ham and cheese, even cheese doodles. So, you ask, what is his favorite mac and cheese of all time? Look no further than my friend's blog "sowhatareyoumakingfordinner". Yum with a capital YUM. Her blog always makes me hungry right before bed. Sighhhh. And, coincidentally, she mentioned this blog the other night!

Jack: What's for dinner?
me: Steak and veggie kabobs.
Jack: Ohhhhh, I HATE kabobs! Yuck! Can't we have mac and cheese?
me: That's not what I made tonight, so we're all having steak.
Jack: Well I'm not eating it. I'm eating mac and cheese.
me: That's going to be kinda hard, since I didn't make any.
Jack: Then you better get started.
me: Jack...!? (warning look in my eyes)
Jack: Sorrrryyyyy. But I really, really, really want baked mac and cheese! Can't you just do it really quick?
me: It's not a quick thing to make. We'll do it another night.
Jack: Then I'm not eating until that night.
me: Okay, no problem. But, if you're hungry later for a snack, your steak and veggies will be waiting for you.
Jack: Gasp! But I want a snack later! Not thaaaaatttttt!
me: If you eat the dinner that's in front of you then you can have a snack later. You just have to try it Jack. I'm not saying you have to eat the whole plate. A few bites of each thing is fine.
Jack: (Digs in to the steak first.) Mmmm. This is really good Mommy. I'll alternate between steak and squash okay? (tries the squash). Ummm maybe I'll just alternate from steak to steak. heh heh.
me: Thank you for trying it. That's very mature of you Jack.
Jack: (puffing his chest out) I know! Now can you let me know when the mac and cheese is ready for my snack?
me: I'm not making mac and cheese tonight Jack.
Jack: But I....? Awwwwwww!

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