Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kids say the darndest things!

Aww, remember that show? Bill Cosby fans, I know you're out there. Okay, that just shows how old I really am.

Jack has been constantly reading his newest favorite book ever, called The Best Way to Play, by none other than Bill himself! He's read it about 10 or so times already and then requests that I read it to him at bedtime. It is a very cute story about some kids that really, really want a video game, and when they get it they realize it's pretty boring and that playing with their friends and pretending is a lot more fun. Good message.

Tonight Jack asked me to read him some of his Emperor Strikes Back kid's book. The parts that contain Chewbacca are of course his favorite. We read a few pages and then Jack jumped into bed.

Jack: Remember who I am tonight!
me: Chewbacca?
Jack: Yes! (starts removing his pants)
me: Um, what are you doing?
Jack: Getting fluffy?
me: Gotcha.
Jack: I want you to say the part where you say "I'd rather kiss a Wookie" like Han Solo and then I'll growl at you okay?
me: (quite sure I've never said this before) I'd rather kiss a Wookie!
Jack: Grrrrrrrrrr (wookie style of course)
me: Goodnight. (I lean over for a kiss)
Jack: You don't WANT to kiss me remember:
me: Uh, well I said I'd RATHER kiss a wookie, so that means I would like to kiss you goodnight.
Jack: Oh. Just kiss my cheek. I'm all filthy and disgusting.

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