Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today was a day that I couldn't wrap my head around. Everything was out of whack and it was like a domino effect. One thing forgotten by me meant that 2 or 3 other things could not get accomplished.

(Oh, like forgetting my cell phone and therefore being unable to make calls and set up babysitting, which will effect our social lives this Thursday. Forgetting Jack's swim clothes in my car and thereby dooming him to a hot day without water play. And there's me forgetting the $20 for his school's ice cream fund and feeling like a dope for the 3rd time when I walked into his school empty-handed. Someone paid for his treat, because he definitely came home with cherry-red drippings down his new shirt. The list really does go on and on. And it wasn't even 9:30 yet!!!)

By 10 a.m. I was done. I gave up trying and just went with the flow. Nothing got accomplished but at least I didn't stress about it. I give today...one big SIGHHHHHHHHHH!

To compete with my general A.D.D. and the apparent randomness of my thought process, Jack decided to get into the game. This was an actual conversation on the way to school today. As best as I can remember, of course.

Jack: Dad said he was taking me to a Yankee game today so I don't know WHY we are driving to my school.
me: Sweetie, Daddy said he would look to see if a game was playing and that he MIGHT take you. I don't think they played today.
Jack: Yeah, well... Luckily Wednesday is a home day.
me: Huh? You mean, baseball?
Jack: Noooo, on my school calendar. It says Home Day, so we stay home.
me: Oh, sorry, but that means you don't have a field trip and you stay at school. They are calling it "home".
Jack: Well then why didn't they say "School Day"
me: No idea. (I interrupt this message to say that my cat just barfed on my desk. Right there. Point Point. Son of a... See what I mean about today? Can't fight it man.)
Jack: That doesn't make any sense. And, I don't want to go to school on Friday?
me: Why not?
Jack: Because the secret agent has a high-frequency laser beam that really cuts through rock and he's going to sneak in and put a big "X" on the moon. We have to spy on him and catch him.
me: Uh ... ?
Jack: Mom, what do you think he's going to do to us if he catches us spying on himmmmmm???!!!
me: Oh, I guess we're here! Hop out! (I didn't even have the brain power to process that question)

Now, here's the kicker to my morning. First, a little back story. Jack's class was going rollerskating today. Dennis and I decided to have Jack stay in school that day instead of going. 1) Because the bus was leaving at 8:30 and we had to be AT school by 8:15. Yeah, almost impossible. 2) Jack has a history of hurting himself. It's not a general "oh he's a 5-year-old" type of thing. He really cannot stop getting hurt. This afternoon he turned around, tripped on a hose in the neighbor's yard and almost gored his eye out on a tree branch. Really. And...3) Because we said so.

So what happens next? Jack and I walk into school, and his entire class is lining up to go on the field trip. Apparently the bus was really late.

Jack: (wide-eyed, gasps) Mommy, you said they were leaving really early and that we couldn't make it and now here everyone is. Why am I not going on the trip?!
me: Sigh. We didn't know the bus would be late. I don't have your camp shirt or a bag lunch. So you still have to go to another classroom instead. (the look of death I got was amazing.)
Jack: And this is exactly WHY I was supposed to BE at a YANKEE GAME today.
me: sorry. But at least you can play outside in the water today. (yeah, right, his bathing suit is sitting in my front seat right where I left it)

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