Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A bit of Nok Hockey

Have you seen it, or even heard of it? Look it up. Nok Hockey...it's a classic floor game that uses a huge hockey-rink-type box, with 2 goals, a wooden puck and some plastic sticks. It's pretty big, but flat, and slides nicely under Jack's bed for storage.

Jack used to have a love/hate relationship with this game. We'd get all set up and start whacking the puck around.

Jack: Nooooo! You can't block your goal! Move your stick! I want to get it in there!!! Noooooo!!!
me:  We're trying to have fun here. I'm supposed to guard my goal and you're supposed to guard yours.
Jack: Noooooooo!!!!
me: Sometimes Mommy gets a point and sometimes you get a point. But, if you want to stop playing, let's put the game away.
Jack: NOOOO! I want to plaaaaaayyyyyyyy! Throws his stick at me.
me: (Ow) D-O-N-E, done. Let's go.

Now, Jack is way more competitive and he's actually VERY good at Nok Hockey. Just naturally. I work very hard to try and beat him and lose every time.

Jack: Go ahead and block your goal Mommy, so I don't get so many in.
me: I AM trying to block the goal. You just have very good aim!
Jack: (sinks another shot) One more point for MEEEEE! What do I have...7?
me: Dunno, lost count...
Jack: You should at least try to get it in Mommy.
me: Grrrrr!

Tonight Jack and Dennis had a high-intensity game going on while I cleaned up the kitchen. I DO love a good kitchen cleaning instead of a fun game...any day! Sigh. Anyway. I heard lots of thwacking, a few OW's from Dennis (Jack gets a bit nutty with his hits) and generally lots of mayhem.

Jack: Mom, MOM! Guess what???
me: No clue.
Jack: I won! And I got like 15 points, right Daddy?
Dennis: Yep, you won.
Jack: Oh I LOVE this game!

Oh how times have changed. Now we're the sore losers.

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