Wednesday, June 2, 2010

5th Day at the Cape

And no I can't come up with better post titles this week, so :P.

Jack was up guessed it, 5:01 a.m.

Jack: But I can't hellllp it. I'm just awake!
me: Are you sure there is no noise waking you up? Is it too bright? You really need to get some more sleep.
Jack: I'll take a nap. I promissssseeeee!
me: Sigh. Get up, we're hitting the road. (And we did. We found a secluded beach in Truro that was just beautiful! I hope to get pics up when I get back home this weekend.)

Jack getting up this early on the 5th consecutive day led me to do some thinking. (okay, 2 crows are murdering each other in the back yard as I write this. wtf.) Either there is a hidden alarm clock that is going off in his room, or the light is getting him up, or the crazy bird that bangs his head against OUR window around 5 a.m. has a dingbat brother on the other side of the house doing the same thing to Jack's window.

1. Cover windows with towels and pushpins. Check. It took 6 beach towels and 12 pushpins to do the trick. I actually found pushpins!! hee hee! They do not have curtains in this house. Creeeeepy.
2. Check all drawers and closet shelves for clock radio. Check. And I did find one! Hmmmm, though it was unplugged and looked like something out of M.A.S.H., it did say "iPod" on one of the hole/plug thingys, so it's at least from this decade. I'm not sure if it even works, but I removed it post haste!
3. Do something about the bird...oh well, he's on his own. I can't control that.

So let's see what happens tomorrow morning. Though, I do have a date with a lovely beach road, so Dennis will have to be on duty after 5:15 a.m.

Today we went to Provincetown. Ahhhh. Love going back there. It was cloudy at first and then cranked up the bright sun around 12:30ish. Jack loves climbing on the anchor and seeing all of the usual sights. And then I wanted to go hunting for beach glass. We were tipped off that the place to go for "mermaid tears" is Herring Cove, in P-town. Yeah, that was a load of crap. Thanks mister.

Jack: I am sooo hungry!
me: I'm not that hungry, but let's get you something to eat. (we step up to a take-out seafood place right near the pier)
Jack: I would like a grilled cheese AND onion rings.
me: (ordered the food) So much for me not being hungry. I just ordered fried clams.
Jack: Did you order the onion rings?
me: Yes.
Jack: I didn't hear you order them.
me: Because you were singing "I'm 5 and 3/8 years old" over and over.
Jack: But you promise that you ordered them?
me: Yes! Why would I lie about onion rings?
Jack: Welll, I really didn't hear you say "onion rings".
me: Let's just wait and see then.
Jack: Where is the food?
me: They have to cook it.
Jack (5 seconds later) How about now? Is it ready? I really don't see onion rings up there. (cranes his neck to see the warming counter in front of the cooks)
me: Jack they aren't magic. They don't twinkle their nose and "presto" food appears. They have to open the packages, cook the food, put it on the plates...
Jack: Well, if I had my magic wand I would make this speed up that's for sure.


  1. Can't say I blame Jack even a little bit :o) Onion Rings are all kinds of delicious, and I'd be a little stressed about missing out on them too...

    And who can honestly say that they enjoy waiting for their meal to come? My growling tummy has often tempted me to barge into the kitchen and yell WTF? Those are the magic "speed it up words". Sometimes they double for "I spit in that $!*hole's food".

    It's 7:30am here, maybe a little too early to thrown the kids in the car and drive out in search of fast food. :o)

  2. It's never too early for onion rings! haha. And yes, these were especially delicious if I do say so. Enough fried food for one week though. I'm at my limit, though I did love every bite. :)