Thursday, June 24, 2010

Congratulations Graduate!

Jack graduated from Kindergarten today. Luckily his friend Madison's mom posted a pic already! Now that's dedication! I will post some pics soon, I promise. In the meantime, I just want to tell Jack how proud I am of him (Daddy is proud too!) and how far he's progressed this year at Tutor Time. He was very lucky to have a dedicated teacher (Ms. Sara) and two very nice assistants (Ms. Carmen and Ms. Iva). They have been great in all dealings with Jack. And there have been plenty of dealings! Ahem.

Jack, you are a very special boy who will always fill my eyes with happiness. Your smile and laughter are contagious and I hope you never lose that devilish little spark that you have. You are precious to me. I can't believe you've finished the first of many years of school! You have so much to learn. I can't wait to see what next year will bring. Congratulations my little handsome boy. I love you!

Love, Mommy

P.S. Because I don't want to break my ONE blogging rule (that each post will always contain at least one thing that Jack has actually said), I have to add in what Jack was saying before we left for graduation. Poor kid is very conflicted. :)

(7 am) I hate graduation and I'm not going!
(7:15) I'm bored of singing the same song every day in graduation practice.
(7:30) I'm NOT wearing my dressy clothes!
(7:45) Mommmm, where is MY TIE!!!!
(8:00) Oooohh I'm very excited for graduation. You think we'll have cake?
(8:15) I still can't find my TIE!!!! Will someone help me!
(8:30) When are we leaving? I want to go already!
(8:45) I can button it myself, don't touch!!! Sighhh...I need helpppppp!
(9:00) (all dressed up, hands in pockets, shuffling around the house) You're gonna take a picture of me aren't you? Sigh...
(9:15) Yayyyy, we're leaving for graduation! My neck is itchy. No, it's okay, I can deal with it for a little while! (itch itch)

We walk in the classroom and all the teachers and students see Jack dressed up to the max. They all scream "Awwwwww loook at Jaaaacccckkk!" And he just about bursts with embarrassed pride. It was priceless.

(Then Jack whispers to me) I don't think they would have been very excited if I came in wearing my track pants! heh heh!

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