Thursday, November 18, 2010

World Train Center?

Jack: Mom, what's this medal you have hanging here?

me: That's just an ornament that shows the World Trade Center. It's a building that was in New York City. Mommy and Daddy had our wedding at the very top.

Jack: The World Train Center??

me: Trade. With a D.

Jack: What's trade?

me: Like when you give stuff to someone else and they give you something in exchange for it. But it's between countries...

Jack: So like we give them cars and they give us money?

me: Hm. Not bad.

Jack: Why was it in New York City? Where is it now.

me: It's gone. Some bad guys made the buildings fall down.

Jack: How did they do that?

me: They flew a big plane into it and the hole in the building made it fall down.

Jack: Did the bad guys get hurt?

me: Yeah.

Jack: Well that's good then. They shouldn't do that.

me: I know.


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