Tuesday, November 9, 2010

End of an Era

It's been a very long day. Dennis' Grandfather passed away, and we're all going to miss him very much. He led a very very long and interesting life, and always had a nice word and a laugh for anyone he met. Jack had become close to him in the last few years. I was wondering how he would take the news when I picked him up from school today.

me: I have some sad news Jack.

Jack: What?

me: Great Grandpa Adam died today.

Jack: (paused to think) Awwww, that's so sad.

me: Yeah, I know.

Jack: Awwww.

me: We're gonna miss him.

Jack: My tooth fell out today, so how am I gonna tell him that?

me: (of course tried to hold back the tears) I know.

Jack: Can we visit him in the cemetery?

me: Someday, yes, we'll go visit.

Jack: He'll know I'm there, so I really want to visit him there.

And whose eyes are going to greet me and Dennis for the rest of our lives? Grandpa Adam's. Jack looks just like him.

Goodbye Grandpa...and tell Grandma we said hi.

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