Monday, November 15, 2010

Manic Monday

For sure. Can I hear a "holla" for that please. Like literally, everyone I talked to today, was having thee most sh*tty day ever. What, was it a full moon? Nope. Just "a case of the Mondays" haha from Office Space of course.

Anyway, I can't even write normal, that's how crappy my day has been. But Jack? Stellar! Amazing! One of the best days in the history of days?

He came off the bus with a sort of smile/frown/worried expression. I was perplexed.

Jack: Ohhhh...guess what!? I stayed on "Ready to Learn" today.

me: Yipee! I knew you could do it.

Jack: No, I'm just kidding...I went down to "think about it".

me: Oh, well, then at least it wasn't too bad...

Jack: JUST KIDDING! I was on READY TO LEARN all day!!! hahahahaha. (he takes off running across the street and up our driveway)

me: Little sh*t. (but it was funny)

Then later, before Tae Kwon Do, we did homework...Jack rocked through 3 sheets of math. "Piece of cake" he claimed, as he shoved each completed sheet aside.

Jack: Mom, go back on you tube and get the counting in Korean. Today I'm going to count in Korean if I get called on in class.

me: Really? Wow. They will be so impressed. That's usually only what the yellow and purple belts do.

Jack: I want to do it today. I know they'll call on me.

me: Okay, let's check it out. (we watched one or two videos of kids and adults counting up to 10 in Korean)

Jack: Got it. I can't wait to say this in class! (he was so excited)

It sort of sounds like this...Hana, Dool, Set, Net, Dasa, Yosa, Ilgup, Yoda, Ahop, yao. Or something to that effect. Anyway, later in class, the master called on him for the exact move that Jack had predicted. Jack busted out his counting and all the heads swiveled to watch him. One parent said "what the heck is he saying??" I said "He's counting in Korean". I couldn't have been more proud. The master walked up and said to the class "Wow, Jack is counting in Korean. Now that's a champion." And he high-fived Jack. Jack turned around to see me and the look on his face would make any mother proud. And he did it all on his own. He's an amazing kid, and he knows how to impress when he really sets his mind to it.

So, Jack turned my day around. He came home, got cleaned up, touched up some of his homework with some coloring as an added bonus, he ate dinner without too much complaining (butternut squash ravioli) and then watched a bit of Toy Story 3. (you morons!)

Then later that night, he pulled out tooth number 2. He looks just like a Jack-O-Lantern now with the two bottom teeth missing. And darn it, my camera is still up in his room, so no pics again tonight.

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