Sunday, November 21, 2010

A day in PJ's

What's better than a day with nothing to do? Well there are things to do, but we didn't do any of them. No shower, no getting dressed. Did we even brush our teeth? I really don't think so. It all ended with salad and lasagna in front of the fire and another round of Toy Story 3. Then chocolate chip cookies. Ahhh.

Jack: I think we should eat in front of the fire tonight because it's so cold out.

me: Good idea. You're always coming up with the good ideas lately. How about lasagna for dinner?

Jack: Yesss!

me: And salad with lots of stuff in it?

Jack: Yummmmm! But we should eat in the dining room because we'll get sauce on the rug.

me: Good boy. (he races to get the movie going)

Jack: All set! (he can juggle the 3 remotes to get the TV, DVD player and surround sound going)

me: The lasagna has a few more minutes in the oven... Want to play cards while we wait?

Jack: You and Daddy play cards. I'll watch.

me: How come? Don't you want to play too?

Jack: No. It's too much pressure to win. I'll watch and help you guys out. You sit here, and Daddy sits here. I'll sit in the middle and watch the fire. (he camps us out 2 inches from the fireplace.)

me: (to Dennis) So do you want to play Rummy?

Dennis: Sure.

Jack: What's rummy??? Play Go Fish!

me: We want to play rummy. If you want to play go fish with us, we'll play that.

Jack: Nooo, just go ahead and play. (he sulks a bit)

We start the game and Jack immediately gets bored. We try to explain the rules and he exclaims "BO-RING" every few minutes.

Jack: When will you be done?

me: When we're done.

Jack: Sigh.

I wonder what goes through that head of his. He loves to play cards, and games, but mostly when it's just him and someone else. If there's a third person, Jack will always want to sit out and watch. Hmmm.

And now for some pictures that I've been meaning to post. I'm a little bit behind on this, so enjoy!

Optimus Prime for Halloween
Optimus Prime gets jiggy wid it
Jack kept his mouth open the whole time
Jack likes that commercial with the baby that races down the highway in his high chair...
His CUTE snail drawing
Jack and his wiggle rider
Mr. Tough Guy

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