Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tucking In

We read a Transformer book before bed tonight. Well actually, Dennis read that book, because I canNOT stand anything having to do with Transformers. The book reads like this (no joke, but I'm paraphrasing here) "Soon the Omnibot took the megazork back to the Digicon for roboblasting. The labyrinth hides the digi-shield from all but the pure of heart, but if you have a megazork that wasn't roboblasted you can see the labyrinth..." Oh jeezus, I can't take it. Anyway, Dennis read that book and then I read a bit of a chapter book that we're getting through about talking toys. Wait, isn't there a movie out about that? Ha. Then I tucked Jack into bed.

Jack: Oh no we forgot to pack!

me: We're only going to NYC for the day tomorrow, we're not sleeping over.

Jack: Aww, but I want to sleep over! Let's just do that okay?

me: We can't because the next day is Thanksgiving so we have to be home for everyone to come over.

Jack: We can leave on an early train!

me: Sorry. We'll still have fun.

Jack: (starts to sniffle) Can you blow my nose...

me: Here...(I hold a tissue up to his nose) And then when we ---

Jack: (cuts me off) Uh, I'm not done blowing, whydidja take the tissue away!

me: Oh sorry I thought ---

Jack: Focus lady, Focus!

me: Really? (I give him the Mom look. Eyebrows raised.)

Jack: Sorry, so anyway I'll have to pack a lot of toys for the train then. Like my rubik's cube and my etch-a-sketch, and maybe my scooter.

me: What?? No scooter on the train.

Jack: That was a joke. I was seeing if you were paying attention. You still need to focus.

me: Very funny.