Friday, November 26, 2010

If only I had Shutterfly(ed)

As those of you know (friends and family), each year I send out very beautiful shutterfly calendars and holiday photo cards. One year, when Jack was a baby, I made Dennis a great photo mug for his birthday. This year I saw a promotion that would allow me to win 50 free shutterfly holiday cards! How could I resist?? Free sh*t? Awesome! Shutterfly...? Even more awesome!

I have already started my shutterfly calendar. I'm just waiting for the December photo which will hopefully have snow in it. We'll see! The holiday card I'm interested in from Shutterfly is the Bold Bright Wishes card. Lots of black and white and primary colors. Just my style. I never really get into tons of collage-like photos and try to do things very simply with just one or two photos. This card will do the job. Also, I prefer the glossy photo card to the more traditional folded card. Simply because I get to have my holiday message right on the front, and everyone can pin the card to their fridge, clip it to the tree or put it in a photo album. I actually love to receive photo cards from friends and family, no matter how cliche it may seem, simply because you get to see how big all of the kids have gotten... and it somehow feels special to be included on the list of people that get a photo card!

I asked Jack what he thought about our holiday photo experience this year. We went to a local store, had a family shot done and they did the cards right there. I wasn't happy about the photo that I was in, of course! And the whole experience was crowded and rushed.

Jack: I didn't want to do a family portrait! Awwww, it was boring! You're not gonna like your picture anyway. Why don't we just do it online like you always do.

Ah, spoken like a true internet shopper. I have so much more control over my photo selection when I do it myself online. In the store I was pressured to pick my photos and my card and I'm not 100% happy with what we're getting. Therefore, if Shutterfly awards me with 50 free cards, I think I'm gonna scrap the store-bought version and do them online like I should have to begin with. If only I had see this promotion a few weeks ago. GAHHH!

Jack: Are you done typing on your blog? It's time to play Wookie!!

me: Sigh...Gotta go!

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