Thursday, November 4, 2010

I know why they call it that!

This is the week of Jack exclaiming "I know why they call it that!!!" As if he's just discovered the hidden meaning behind an object's name. The thing is, when he talks about it, it's so damn funny to listen to.

Scenario #1
We were running from my car to my office building in the wind and rain:

me: Jack aren't you cold?

Jack: Of course not, I have my windbreaker on. (pause) Heyyyy, I know why they call it that! It breaks the wind! Oh I love breaking wind, it feels so good. (seriously he said this)

me: Hahaha, that is too funny Jack.

Jack: Why is that so funny?

me: Ohhh, just because. (I wasn't ready to let him in on THAT phrase just yet!)

Scenario #2:
Eating dinner tonight. Pasta and meatballs.

Jack: These meatballs are good. Look, I cut them up by myself with my fork... (dramatic pause) Oh HEY I know why they call them meatballs!

me: Do tell.

Jack: Huh? They call them meat balls because they're balls of meat! Like they're shaped like balls.

me: You cracked the code!

Jack: Yeah! If you like meat and you like balls, you'll like meatballs right?

me: (Ohhh, it was so hard to bite my tongue. I mean he is only 5!) Daddy likes meatballs doesn't he? (hee hee!)

Jack: Yeah! That means he likes meat and he likes balls!

Okay that was easy enough! My work here is done. :)