Saturday, November 13, 2010

We're in college...

Jack likes to pretend he's older. When he was 3, he always pretended that he was 5. Now that he's 5, he likes to pretend that he's in 5th grade. And then, when 5th grade becomes too boring and limited...Jack pretends to be in college. I'm assuming he likes the freedom of spending his own money and driving himself to classes. Of course he lives at home while he goes to college. Anyone see the ending of Toy Story 3? Jack still cries whenever he thinks about Andy leaving for college.

Jack: I made you this picture Mommy.

me: Wow, nice! What is it?

Jack: It's a 5th grade drawing.

me: Is it a swan?

Jack: I SAID: It's a 5th grade DRAWING!!

me: Sheesh what a grump.

Jack: Sigh. (walks away)


Jack: Mom, let's pretend we're in college.

me: (secretly I love this because Jack will do anything and eat anything that I ask) Okay! Are we in the cafeteria?

Jack: Yes, we're eating lunch in the college cafeteria. We buy our own food and then look for a table. Pretend you don't know me and then ask if you can sit with me.

me: Okay... Um...Hi! Can I sit here? (I carry my lunch over to the table)

Jack: Sure. (he keeps eating and stays in character)

me: I know you?

Jack: Oh, yeah maybe. Did you go to Tutor Time?

me: (it's so funny how he goes from college to Kindergarten references) Uh yeah, I did go there. Did you?

Jack: Yeah! I think that's why you look familiar. You can eat with me.

me: Do you want to try my veggies? All the college kids LOVE this stuff.

Jack: Sure... MMMMMmmmm they're really good.

me: I thought you would like them because you're a mature college guy.

Jack: Yeah. They wouldn't let me play baseball when I was really in college.

me: Huh? Oh yeah...(He's referring to a story he used to tell us when he was little...about being in college and not being able to play baseball. the facts haven't varied in 3 years.)

Jack: But I might play baseball this year in college.

me: Cool!

Jack: So, okay I'm done with college. Can we go play in the hall now?

me: So much for being mature!

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