Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Girls Girls Girls

Oh I think we're gonna have a big problem in about 9 or 10 years. Sigh... Today Jack and I were getting ready for bed. Teeth all brushed, face washed, jammies on, getting ready to read a story...

Jack: Mom, you know who I wish was my girlfriend?

me: (uh oh) Who?

Jack: The dancer from the Radio City show.

me: Uhhh, which one (There are about 36 dancers in the Rockettes. I knew he liked older women, but really?)

Jack: The ballerina girl that came out with Santa.

me: Ohhhh...(she was about 10)

Jack: Her name was Clara. I heard Santa say it. I've been thinking about her ALLLL day. Sigh..... (he was all angsty over this)

me: She was a very good dancer. (what else could I say?)

Jack: Here's the thing about me taking classes.

me: What? (he lost me)

Jack: When I take classes or go to school, there's always a girl that I like in each class.

me: Okaaayyyy? Are you talking about first grade?

Jack: Yeah.

me: Who do you like in your class?

Jack: Juliana.

me: I don't remember her right now, but I know I've seen her. What do you like about her? The way she behaves or the way she looks?

Jack: The way she looks. Sigh... Both.

me: What does she look like? Long hair? Short?

Jack: Dark brown and short. Sighhhhh... (he's really really hurting over this subject.)

me: Does she like you too?

Jack: (snaps out of his reverie) What? I don't know! Can you read Empire Strikes Back???

Subject had been officially closed. Aww, poor kid. Imagine what I'll be writing about in 10 years. (sob)

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