Saturday, November 27, 2010

I hate Sundays!

Jack: You know what's the worst about Sunday? It's the day before Monday and Monday means school. I hate school! Everyone at my table is stupid, sorry.

me: Everyone hates school sometime, but ---

Jack: I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to say that I shouldn't hate school and try to make me like it. Well you can't because it stinks.

me: No, what I actually was going to say is that we all hated school sometime BUT we all have to do it so you better get used to it. Fake that you like it. Do the work, be a good boy for the teacher, be a good friend to the other kids in your class and then you'll get through it without any trouble.

Jack: But there's so much WORK!

me: Mommy and Daddy can help you with your homework and projects or whatever. We'll always be here to help. Don't worry.

Jack: Yeah but you're not IN school with me. That's where there's the most work.

me: Luckily you are good at your classwork. Imagine the kids that have a bit of trouble learning the lessons. They still have to do the work and they might not even understand it. That must be even harder!

Jack: Yeahh. I guess. But I still hate Sundays. I'm gonna hate it all day tomorrow, you'll see.

me: Oh I can hardly wait.

Jack: And I know that you're being sarcastic and Daddy says that's rude so you're being rude to me.

me: I'm sorry. We really can't talk about it anymore because you're supposed to be asleep. Now settle back down and give me a kiss. (he mildly complies)

Jack: And what's with this NEW tissue box over here. I want my old PUFFS box back. (he throws off the covers again)

me: No no no...get back in there. We're not discussing tissues at bedtime. We can talk about it tomorrow.

Jack: I'll be too busy talking about Sunday.

me: I know...

Jack: And how much I hate it. Good night. I love you. Meow. (that's from Stripey to me.)

me: Goodnight. And meow to Stripey. Get some rest okay?

No answer. Jack was already asleep. I guess he had to go down fighting tonight. Last night he crawled in bed to "rest" at 6pm while I made dinner. He didn't wake up until 7am this morning. Tough life eh?

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